My name is Abe, I used to be a slave but now I'm the Messiah and saviour of Mudokons. I'm here for you to ask me stuff!

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ney-the-levitator asked: Nallinpae: "Shrykull, why must you be so difficult to communicate with sometimes?"


Finally, Abe and Ney had infiltrated the bank. They had just slipped into a dark, desolate hallway, with metallic walls and floors. It was quiet. They stayed still for a few moments before slowly progressing further.

lorna-rosefox asked: Honestly would it better just have Abe in a tear extractor then him just die would make more money for you? ( secretly hopes Abe don't get caught)


"I care not for money as that bastard left a mark on me, I want to kill him slow and give him to doctor pain when I am done with my revenge. I don’t want Abe in a tear extractor..I want him hanged on a wall skinned alive if his body is not too badly burnt into charcoal"